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Cold stores for food services in education. Providing a group of services for all your project needs.

Did you know, we get enormous satisfaction from helping you to achieve your goals?

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Walk in Cold Rooms and Freezer Rooms

MK Projects collaborates with schools, colleges and universities to create cold rooms and freezer rooms for all facility sizes. MK Projects custom rooms use areas that improve the kitchen workflow and can repurpose wasted or unused space. Where space is limited internally, then MK Projects custom designed cold room storage can be advantageous by adding on to existing cold rooms and freezer rooms and possibly opening up opportunities externally.

Walk in Cold Room Repurposed use of a room adjoining the rear of the kitchen range. The cold room was installed to the maximum size of the space available, creating the main cold storage for the kitchen.

Customer Satisfaction

100’s of our UK customers trust Coolmark to design, plan, install, repair and maintain their cold storage environments.

Our temperature controlled educational establishment cold room and freezer room installation services cover every requirement of the most demanding of projects.

School Walk in Chiller +2°C to +5°C

Tasked with fitting a walk in chiller into a school kitchen where space is at a premium, MK Projects planned a space within the kitchen, sitting the door centrally. This provided shelf storage either side. A remote split refrigeration system was selected to minimise heat in the kitchen while maximising cooling efficiency.

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College Dual Compartment Freezer Chiller

MK Projects installed this custom dual compartment walk in chiller and freezer. Maintaining +1°C to +4°C for fresh open stock and -18°C to -21°C for frozen products. These rooms were installed to utilise space nearby to the kitchen and provide quick easy access. Both custom rooms were completed with remote refrigeration systems and digital HACCP system controls.

Standards Compliance

Installation techniques that we operate under comply with UK building standards and with the standards set by the International Association for Cold Storage Construction. Our cold storage project managers plan and manage every detail of the installation, translating requirements and monitoring all aspects of the build for compliance to all standards and quality. Read more about our quality control and safety.

Expert Teams

All of our installation teams are continuously provided with training and hands on experience with the latest techniques in cold storage to make certain we preserve quality and standards every time.

Working to high safety standards and industry construction methods, our teams construct at a high pace while maintaining all health and safety requirements. Read more about our tech.

Multi Freezer Warehouse Complex

Refrigeration Design & Installation

Within the company there are several senior refrigeration specialists with the expertise to design and translate any complexity of refrigeration needs into a reliable operating refrigeration system. Optimised efficiency, environmental sustainability and cost effectiveness are not optional extras at MK Projects, they are our standards with which we design and plan for our customers.

MK Projects Refrigeration Installation Engineer

Commissioning R449a freezer and chiller refrigeration system after installing at a customer's business

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