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Quality and Safety

Compliance to Standards Equals Quality and Safety

Cold storage construction quality management is the process of developing, enforcing and reviewing a charter of regulated and approved standards.

This process sets and regulates all aspects of quality for design, planning, implementation and reviewing of temperature controlled environment construction and refrigeration equipment installation.

MK Projects quality & safety standards include:

  • The UK Building and Construction Regulations
  • International Association of Cold Store Construction
  • FGAS
  • UK Health and Safety Executive
quality cycle
Quality Cycle

MK Projects quality management cycle

All projects are rolled out and controlled by our appointed project managers, who are leading experts in the temperature controlled environment construction industry.

quality training
Training & Experience

Our project managers have countless hours of industry training, project specification development and cold storage construction management. This makes our project managers the very best they can possibly be when it comes to every aspect of quality & safety management during planning, implementation and completion.

Awareness and understanding during all stages of any cold storage facility build is vital to the health and safety of everyone and for the thermal and structural integrity of the facility.

Our systems and principles minimise risk, preserve quality and provide assurance by managing, maintaining and monitoring standards.

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