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Fruit & Veg Cold Storage

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Cold stores for food services in fruit & veg. Providing a group of services for all your project needs.

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Fruit & Veg Warehouse Cold Room

MK Projects support the fruit and veg industry by providing expert temperature control services that offer made to order manufacturing of cold storage warehouses and large freezer warehouses. High volume low moisture, fast access door integration, rapid freeze processes and specialist temperature control configurations are just some of the services that MK Projects achieves for the bulk fruit & veg sector.

Mid Temperature Cold Room Warehouse. This fruit and veg warehouse was created by MK Projects to provide quick pallet access with a forklift drive through operation and speed doors on each end operated on sensors and the ability to open manually. The refrigeration plant was designed with a low moisture evaporation and high cooling performance. Humidity control ensures the product is stored within the optimum environment to preserve the shelf life of the products. Eco efficient refrigeration equipment with low global warming properties.

Customer Satisfaction

100’s of our UK customers trust Coolmark to design, plan, install, repair and maintain their cold storage environments.

Our temperature controlled fruit & veg cold room and freezer room installation services cover every requirement of the most demanding of projects.

Multi-Compartment Fruit & Veg Warehouse

Complete refurbishment of this fruit and veg warehouse distribution facility. MK Projects worked with this business to plan and design the improved temperature controlled storage requirements of the company. The build incorporated multiple cold room environments to provide a greater control of each compartment's environment variables, the optimum preservation factors of the product and a coordinated approach to managing storage logistics.

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Local Wholesaler Fruit & Veg Cold Room

MK Projects installed this custom walk in cold room for a local fruit & veg wholesaler. The cold room is designed for the company's customers to enter the room and shop for products. The cold room cooler maintains the optimum temperature and moisture levels for the product while providing a self service experience for customers.

Standards Compliance

Installation techniques that we operate under comply with UK building standards and with the standards set by the International Association for Cold Storage Construction. Our cold storage project managers plan and manage every detail of the installation, translating requirements and monitoring all aspects of the build for compliance to all standards and quality. Read more about our quality control and safety.

Expert Teams

All of our installation teams are continuously provided with training and hands on experience with the latest techniques in cold storage to make certain we preserve quality and standards every time.

Working to high safety standards and industry construction methods, our teams construct at a high pace while maintaining all health and safety requirements. Read more about our tech.

Multi Freezer Warehouse Complex

Refrigeration Design & Installation

Within the company there are several senior refrigeration specialists with the expertise to design and translate any complexity of refrigeration needs into a reliable operating refrigeration system. Optimised efficiency, environmental sustainability and cost effectiveness are not optional extras at MK Projects, they are our standards with which we design and plan for our customers.

MK Projects Refrigeration Installation Engineer

Commissioning R449a freezer and chiller refrigeration system after installing at a customer's business

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