Earth Means the World to Us

That's why we are committed to being a responsible company looking after the environment.

Our commitment is to:

Continue working with waste disposal provides that offer sustainable waste collection services.

Continue being a paperless office, our process ensures that all our documents are produced digitally and paper is recycled. Refrigerant (phase-in)

We have transitioned from using synthetic refrigerants that are less environmentally friendly to using CO2 refrigerants and low GWP refrigerants that are 1,500 to 4,000 less harmful to the planet.

Smart temperature monitoring and energy management.

To meet our commitments we will:

Work together with all employees to ensure that every recyclable resource gets recycled, this includes food packaging, bottles, paper (if used) etc.

Discuss and promote the importance of environmental issues and how it impacts businesses.

Provide training to new employees according to our environmental policy and review our environmental policy regularly.

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