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PICTURED: MK Projects rack and clad innovative cold storage method of building. Two stage construction low temperature warehouse space. Structurally independent and self supporting, this building regulations compliant cold storage construction method offers a leap forward in cold storage design.

Did you know, we get enormous satisfaction from helping you to achieve your goals?

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The Story...

A group of like minded people got together with great new ideas, two decades of experience and knowledge and a passion for building big with the vision of technical excellence. Five years on and the picture is a company that celebrates its successes. MK Projects has a proud portfolio of customers that are widely known brands and just as important, the up and coming stars of tomorrow. The company is a respected and recognised character within the refrigeration & cold storage construction industries. MK Projects engages the attention of like minded customers looking to drive forward continuous growth and improvements.

Telehandler & Vacuum Lifter. Seven meter panels being held with suction by a vacuum lifter and hoisted by the telehandler to an external roof position on a blazing hot day.

Multi Freezer Warehouse Complex
The Story Continued...

We were established in 2013 and are a collective team of highly qualified refrigeration engineers and cold storage builders, each with our individual expertise. We provide strategic guidance and clarity to you and work closely with you from the planning stage through to the completed project.

We know what it takes to get the project in on time. We also know that achieving goals is what moves our customer's businesses forward, and we believe that your success is the best measure of our own performance. We strive to provide exceptional refrigeration and cold storage construction services for you and we work enthusiastically to offer solutions for all your requirements.

Our ultimate goal is your satisfaction and loyalty.

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